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Ag Innovation Awards

Innovation is the development of new ideas that meet new requirements or market needs.  Innovation differs from "invention" in that Innovations refers to the use of a better and, as a result, novel idea or method rather than the creation of the idea or method itself.

We are pleased to announce our 2015 Ag Innovation Winners!


 RAVEN INDUSTRIES - Booth #CUL0224 in the Centrium Upper Level

1st Place:  Hawkeye Nozzle Control System

The Hawkeye nozzle control system is the most precise, pressure and flow based control system on the market. Each individual nozzle is controlled and shut-off based on pre-set system pressure, reducing spray drift and ensuring accurate droplet size and spray pattern. Turn compensation adjusts nozzle pressure and rates as machine boom turns and swings. Hawkeye also increases the speed range you can operate within.

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Airguard Inc. - Booth #GAL0402 in the Agri-Centre East Gallery

2nd Place:  Blockage Prevention System

Powdery fertilizers and high humidity can be a frustrating combination during seeding time. It can cause openers to plug internally and also bridging in the tanks and buildup on the meters. The Airguard Blockage Prevention System keeps the tubes of your air seeder free from plugging. Attaching directly to the air intake of your air drill, this system controls the temperature and moisture levels for optimum product flow. By using the latent heat of the tractors hydraulic oil this product increases the air temperature by about 10deg C and effectively reduces the relative humidity by over 50%. Another positive side effect is that the hydraulic oil from the tractor is cooled during this process which increases the life of your oil. This is the only system on the market that reduces the humidity of the air system on an air drill. 

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Agri-Data Mobile App - Booth #SAL0206 in the Ag Technology Pavilion

3rd Place:  Agri-Data Mobile App

Agri-Data Mobile is the most comprehensive farm application on the market.  It is a native app that connects to our class leading web based application.    The mobile app works completely offline to allow users with no cell connectivity to still be recording data in real time. The application includes mapping functions for each field including GIS Boundaries, and Variable Rate Zone Maps.  It allows for marking benchmarks in the field and navigating to those benchmarks.  It allows multiple farm users or third party agronomists to login to the same farm and manage and record: planting, fertility, crop protection, irrigation, Field scouting and harvest data.   The field scouting module technology is class leader with integration of photos, weeds, insects, diseases, soil moisture, root development, key plant stages.  It even includes custom templates for special crops such as Potatoes, Cucurbits, tomatoes and strawberries.   The application also integrates all your bin management and Grain contracts into the same applications.  Allowing users to track their grain contracts and track all loads from the field to a bin, bin to bin or bin to a contract inside the application.  It also includes data feeds from the futures for tracking grain prices across the commodities you grow and calculates the impact the market swings have on the farm.  It also integrates with weather feeds to automate the weather tracking during spray events.    The advanced security system allows for different users on the farm to see specific functions. So the sprayer operator can only enter spray events and the truck drive can only enter loads of grain.