Ag Innovations - 2014 Winners

John Deere  -  Interactive Combine Adjustment

This new idea enables the combine operator to select a harvest priority and specify which performance issue the marchine should focus on:  grain quality, straw condition or grain loss.  By making the recommended adjustment, farmers can optimize combine efficiency during changing harvest conditions.

Integrity Post Structures  - Perma-Column for post frame buildings

These are precast concrete columns, which are longer lasting and still allow for a concrete foundation on a post farm building.

Haukaas Manufacturing  - Rotating Grapple 

The Rotating Bale Grapple attached to a tractor can pick up large bales, gently turn them, and enable the farmer to stack them mushroom style, to maximize yard space.


Ag Innovations - 2013 Winners and Finalists

BEST AG APP - Farm At Hand
Farm At Hand is literally your farm at your fingertips;  a multi platform coould based farm management program allowing producers to track everything on their farm from seed to sale.  Everyone in the operation is able to update the information with the access the farm operator chooses from an unlimited amount of devices.  Farm At Hand is taking farm management from the notebook to the cloud.



JOHN DEERE - Return to Position

John Deere's innovation Return-To-Position (RTP) option for 6R tractors and H-Series loaders provides superior productivity and repeat ability during material handling activities by allowing the operator to store two boom and two bucket positions and then reach those positions with a simple activation of the electronic joystick.  RTP also incorporates the Electronic Self-Leveling (ESL) feature that easily transforms a non-self-leveling loader into a self-leveling loader or improves the leveling accuracy of a mechanical self-leveling loader.

DEVLOO MUD SCRAPERS - Rotating Mud Scrapers

Devloo Roto Mud Scrapers are custom built for any seeder and result in more consistent seed depth, better fuel economy and less friction and wear.  When you KEEP THE MUD OFF you improve seed placement which results in better crops, period.


CrossFlow Aeration is a revolutionary new method of aerating grain bins.  CrossFlow Aeration moves air horizontally through the bin which aerates more quickly and efficiently with smaller fans than conventional aeration, resulting in better grain quality in less time with lower electrical bills.  CrossFlow Aeration is the future of grain cooling and drying.

AGI - STORM Seed Treater

The STORM seed treater with specifically designed, integrated auger unit and electronic controls allow you to finally treat your seed with absolute accuracy.  The metering conveyor measures seed flow and automatically adjusts the peristaltic pumps to match treatment flow for optimal coverage, thus reducing waste and ensuring consistent coating form the first seed to the last.

FARMLEAD - FarmLead Marketplace

The FarmLead Marketplace, on and the app FarmLead Mobile, provide grain producers and buyers alike an equal opportunity to post, negotiate and complete physical cash grain deals in a secure, real-time setting.

FARMERS EDGE - Geospatial Yield Mapping

Geospatial Yield Mapping provides automated processing of GPS equipped combine yield data utilizing digital field borders to enable automated processing & cleaning of yield data from multiple combines & combine brands within a field.  Advanced Geospatial Yield Mapping provides further advanced analysis to understand the results of any crop input comparisons & both maps feature satellite imagery to enable field recognition.



FLEXXIFINGER - Corn Harvest Pans

The Corn Harvest Pans allow farmers to use their conventional draper header, no need to have a seperate corn header, to harvest corn that has been planted in rows of any spacing and/or solid seeded.  The Corn Harvest Pans mount quickly and come off quickly using Flexxifinger's patented QD mechanism which is common to all Flexxifinger lifters.